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Hello there, I’m Shannan! I am the founder of Queen & Baby, a mom of two, and an advocate for Black breastfeeding moms. 

When I was pregnant with my first child, I tried to learn all I could about breastfeeding before my daughter was born. But I could only find local classes and mommy groups with instructiors and moms who did not look like me, and who didn’t share my questions and concerns. All the pictures we studied of women breastfeeding were of white women, and none of our discussions about breastfeeding addressed the challenges of racial disparities or racism, the stigma of breastfeeding in the Black Community, or medical concerns prevalent in my community like endometriosis, fibroids, and diabetes that could have a direct impact on my milk supply.

Breastfeeding saves lives.
What we know is that breastfeeding is really important but it’s not always easy or encouraged, especially for BIPOC. Breastfeeding for less than the recommended timeframe (6+ months) results in $340B in avoidable healthcare costs and lost earnings worldwide every year.

The journey can be lonely.
What we also know is that a person’s breastfeeding or body-feeding journey can be isolating and lonely. When I was nursing my firstborn, I was the only person breastfeeding in my office, and it was really difficult to find people who understood what I was going through.

Community is everything.
Studies show and we know first-hand that finding a community that understands the struggles and the joys of being a breastfeeding parent of color can make all the difference. And, due to the poor maternal health outcomes in the United States for BIPOC, our families need the tools to help us be our own empowered advocates at every step of our journey.

That’s why I created Queen & Baby
Every year, thousands of Black women and families struggle to keep or leave their careers after having a baby due to the lack of support. To address this issue, I decided that I would create a service to help moms like you and me become confident to reach our breastfeeding and career goals, while also being treated like a Queen (you send yourself roses, too, don't you?).

I know it can be a struggle some days, and I know it can feel lonely. But my hope for you is that with a little bit more support you feel inspired to keep on pumping!

If our mission resonates with you, reach out and let us know your story!

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